Standing Financially Free

I have been embarking on this journey where I didn’t have to no longer be worried about money figuring how to pay for this or that. Times when I just had to simply put things back, these are your daily regular choices you face in parenting. However there is beauty in the struggle you learn, adapt, and grow. In my growth I became more creative and I learned quite a few things so I could save money and spend it elsewhere on things I needed the most. And this is not for pity this is for strategy. I personally don’t think experience is the best teacher, this is one of the reasons why I’m so open about everything I been through. In each tragedy a new person evolved within me I acquired a new skill survival strategies and techniques that I was able to apply to my life generating revenue and personal gain what has shaped into my personal brand The Cute Boss.

Mompreneur has always been around as longs I can remember aka stay at home moms that bios stigma still exist, what I have learned the very essential of the stay at home moms strategy is managing their own company and time and balancing family. Us working moms can certainly gain something there I know did. A small hobby turned into a fundraiser the fundraiser becomes a lane for business creating jobs and growth with in the community.

Times have changed social media has given anyone a chance with a good idea, skills and knowledge into a household name. Through all my struggles I had to step back look at myself in a different scope being a critic of myself challenging me to be better. In all my failures I have never failed this way so what did I have to loose. I was frightened each time I created my next lane. I’m still holding down a 9-5 preparing for my crossover and you guys coming with me.

I couldn’t tell myself no longer to wait I had to act now and not worry about what is to much. As I begin to get started I wrote down into a list. The list became categories and the categories became three small businesses generating revenue it’s coming along. Using what I already know with education plus skills has gotten me this far. You can never stop learning.

When you getting prepared to start something new you need to evaluate what you did wrong that didn’t work and what you did that worked. Use your life experiences as your personal guide to success.